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Hello all, and welcome to my "Space: Above and Beyond" original Spoof Fiction pages. If your looking for S:AAB Silliness - this is the place!

Here lurk my Stories; Poems and Cadences; the S:AAB Board Game; a Crossover featuring McQueen, Godzilla and a cast of thousands... The Parodies are in chronological order, so just start at the top and work your way down.

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Sam's S:AAB Parodies

Chicken Hell

Lukewarm in London

Bunkers and Traps

Par for the Course


Training Mission




Other Stuff...

How the Chig Stole Christmas (poem)

The S:AAB Board Game

Poem, Cadence and Song!


Sam's Crossover Parody

Four Days in the Lives of Some Science Fiction Characters (200K)

Links to Sam's work elsewhere...

Sam and Spooky's Silly lyrics! (Metallica and Pearl Jam)

Dragons of a Summer Aftenoon (Spoof 'DragonLance' TM)

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